You are not alone!

At Life & Family Pregnancy Center we are more than open to listen, take care of and train you to get a better future for you and your baby.

Feel free to cal us at: (956) 641-4776
Or text us at: (956) 408-8127

Our Mission

Attend and empower vulnerable women during pregnancy, offering alternatives for their proper development.

What do we offer? 

Since April 2018, we are operating as a Pregnancy Center, where we offer free pregnancy tests, counseling, courses to prepare them to be good mothers, to learn working skills in order for them to have a work after giving birth. Also they are earning “baby bucks” which they can exchange into diapers, milk bottles, powder milk, baby clothes, also pregnant women clothes. 

Our Dream

Our dream is to have a home and provide free housing to these women, giving them a suitable environment for their needs. Having a special diet, pregnancy medical checkups.

Each woman will learn various activities and trades in order to gain access to a stable job and fulfill her responsibility within her family and within the society.